Центр Гейдара Алиева, спроектированный Захой Хадид, в новом видео BOSS

Архитектурная студия Zaha Hadid Architects опубликовала на своей странице в инстаграм новый рекламный ролик BOSS The Scent, снятый в центре Гейдара Алиева, построенном в Баку по проекту Захи Хадид.

Иконические текучие формы культурного центра становятся декорациями для короткой истории в исполнении Джейми Дорнана и Биргит Кос. Во-первых – это красиво!

Stunning new campaign by @BOSS for #BOSStheScent filmed at the #HeydarAliyevCenter featuring #JamieDornan & @BirgitKos. Built on the site of a Soviet munitions factory, the Heydar Aliyev Center’s architecture embodies an enlightened philosophical framework. Breaking from Baku’s rigid and often monumental buildings of the Soviet era, the centre’s fluid forms promise to engage with Azerbaijan’s culture by an act of attraction rather than imposition. Curvilinear exterior surfaces rise from its surroundings to define a series of exhibition and performance spaces within, inviting the city into the heart of building. Named ‘Design of the Year’ by London’s Design Museum, the centre was cited as "a masterwork of invention and execution.” Since opening, the Heydar Aliyev Center has hosted exhibitions by Azerbaijan and international artists including Andy Warhol, Tony Cragg and Bernard Buffet; and also held performances of opera by Alessandro Safina, jazz by Deedee Bridgewater and violin by Itzhak Perlman. On his 2016 visit to Baku, Pope Francis addressed multi-faith religious leaders and local residents in the centre’s theatre. #BOSStheScent #fragrance #architecture #baku #zahahadid #zahahadidarchitects

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