The one ahead of time. Lake House design by MAKHNO studio

Makhno Studio
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700 sq.m.

Probably somewhere thousands of light years away, on one of the stars of Alpha Centauri, this house would be more familiar to the eye. But in our constellation, he attracts attention. This was the goal of MAKHNO Studio. To create something noticeable and bold. 

The client wanted non-standard solutions and views. I wanted a home that would not leave indifferent emotions. At the same time, the house should be comfortable and functional for the whole family.

LAKE House is an interesting example of modern deconstructivism architecture, which is defined by complex forms, unusual compositional solutions and experiments with materials. The main object consists of three unique blocks characterized by different shapes and sizes, which gives the construction a special dynamism and unusualness.

Tall buildings located next to the main object create the visual effect of holding a central portal with panoramic windows, which further emphasizes the individuality and sophistication of the architectural solution.

The interior of the Lake House is made in warm colors, which, together with the materials, add a naturalistic slant to the house. Wood, stone, ceramics, metal and microcement simultaneously make up the internal and external base. 

On the first floor, there is a kitchen, a dining room and a lounge area with a large sofa. 

The main lamp for the hall is designed exclusively by MAKHNO Studio. Its futuristic forms skillfully emphasize the general mood of the design.

The walls of the house are decorated with our innovative 3D tile solutions, our award-winning TETRAPOD stand out as an indicator of MAKHNO Studio's commitment to exceptional design. TETRAPODs create an engaging visual element that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the space, while also introducing an engaging sense of depth and spatial dynamics. 

The powder room, located on the first floor, exudes a refined charm, reminiscent of the beauty and purity of the white rock.

The KHMARA lamp in the office, made to order, is an example of the creativity and ingenuity of our studio designers. Its design is not only visually impressive, but its carefully thought-out lighting properties promote mental clarity and concentration. The lamp serves as a functional and aesthetically appealing addition to the workspace, demonstrating our commitment to create exceptional design solutions that go beyond simple aesthetics.

On the second floor of the house there are two bedrooms, each of which represents a separate facet of the lunar landscape. One bedroom is characterized by its light and airy aesthetic, while the other boasts a darker, more somber vibe.

The bright bedroom is decorated with the GEMMA ceramic lamp – a stunning lamp designed by Serhii Makhno. The lamp enriches the space with warm, bright light that is harmoniously distributed throughout the room thanks to its conical shape.

Dido took his place by the bed. Under his watchful eye, nothing will disturb the peaceful sleep of the hosts and their guests.

The dressing room almost reproduces the design of the bedroom. In addition to the fact that one of the walls is decorated with three-dimensional SCREE tiles - ceramic tiles that resemble gentle waves of water or sand that seem to ebb and flow over the surface of the wall, and the room is lit by a Lakuna lamp. A combination that professionally creates a mysterious, but extremely cozy atmosphere. 

The other bedroom is made in darker color solutions. Her tones help the owner to forget all the worries behind the door, switching instantly. 

There is a feeling that you really are on the dark untouched side of the moon, where cares will not find you. This is facilitated by the Volcano lamp, because when night falls, a soft lava of light pours over the entire space and fills it with warmth. Additional light is implemented in the walls. When there is a need, it divides the room like a horizon line. 

When you look at our house from above, you may get the impression that it consists of round satellites. However, these are actually relaxation and barbecue areas where families can comfortably gather around the fire after a delicious dinner. The atmosphere is further enhanced by the KHMARA lamps that can be seen through the second floor windows. These lamps transform the ceiling into a clear night sky, without the risks associated with bad weather.

Lake House is decorated with a stunning futuristic garden, which organically combines natural and artificial elements such as stones and plants. This approach not only emphasizes the modern character of the building, but also creates the illusion of an otherworldly wild meadow.

The LAKE House concept balances boldness and comfort. The building exudes a sense of family warmth and coziness through the choice of warm colors and textures, while conveying the essence of a futuristic time capsule that leaves visitors in awe.