SVITLO APARTMENT by MAKHNO Studio. The art of life directs everyday life

Makhno Studio
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222 sq.m.

SVITLO APARTMENT is a unique space among high-rise buildings in central Kyiv, where art and functionality, beauty and practicality, energy of the owners and guests of the house, light and shadow meet.


The designers faced a non-trivial task: to combine three separate apartments into one. And so that SVITLO feels unified and complete - a large house with separate areas for the owners of the house, their children, as well as guests.

Three in one

Having three separate apartments on the floor, the designers radically redesigned them and combined them into a single convenient system. At the same time, they preserved the location of load-bearing walls, supports and other elements, observing all the rules and project requirements. 

As a result, SVITLO is 13 premises forming three zones:

- the owners with working and evening rooms,
– children's space;
– a guest area with a living room, a bedroom, a separate bathroom, etc.

The design and decoration of the apartments is based on light art techniques. Here we took into account natural lighting and its change during the day, and supplemented it with our own lighting design. At the same time, by choosing surfaces that play with light streams, turning them into exciting, but unobtrusive patterns.

"Combining two dozen premises into one comfortable and cozy space is an interesting task, and even more interesting is to make it diverse, alive and beautifully changing." - the MAKHNO Studio team comments on the project.

Common space

SVITLO welcomes you with a huge living room, where table gatherings are combined with relaxation under a panoramic view of the capital.

The magical CHRUST lamps, made in the ancient Japanese technique of raku, ceramic on the outside, copper-hot on the inside, they give a deep warm light that gently spreads in the evening domestic grace. 

The BUBALUS armchair plays a game of illusions, because it resembles an exquisite work of art, but it is comfortable and functional. A place of constant comfort in such a changing world.

The OCHI lamp is the embodiment of MAKHNO Product creativity, illuminating a hearty conversation or a leisurely silent rest with a noble, pleasant light.

The guardian of this home, the beautiful and majestic DIDO is the epitome of modern zoomorphic ceramics, handcrafted using authentic techniques in our pottery workshops. Such people live in the most famous galleries in the world and here at SVITLO.

Personal space

The office combines the public and private parts of the apartments. The strictness of the furniture is balanced by art objects from MAKHNO Product.

The owners' bedroom embodies the principles of the SVITLO game: WIND and KVITKA are a natural harmony of light captured in ceramics.

WIND is a tile that can catch and redirect rays, like a sail breeze. Thanks to the special dynamic shape, the play of light and shadow enlivens the walls with exquisite patterns, turning day or night light into artistic illumination.

KVITKA is a copper or ceramic lamp that impresses with its volume and the amount of honey light emitted like pollen.

Behind the glass is a cozy bathroom of the owners of the house, which has its secrets, and they agreed not to disclose them.