Shelter for UA. Project of a shelter for orphans, pensioners and families with children by Rozit Architects

Rozit Architects, Kateryna Rozit
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6510 square. m

Text provided by the architectural office Rozit Architects.

The multifunctional shelter project is designed to help Ukrainians who suffered from the Russian invasion, to create a bright and promising future for them. The architects claim that they have focused on ensuring an ideal balance and harmony between education, psychological (emotional) and physical health of future residents. The complex of several buildings will be located on a plot of 3,17 hectares, complemented by well-planned internal and external infrastructure.

Comfortable accommodation. The multifunctional shelter is designed for children up to 18 years old, divided into age groups, pensioners and families with children, who will live in two social housing buildings. Starting from early childhood, the youngest residents will be able to be involved in an innovative personal development system to gain important social skills for future independent living.

In addition to housing, the main building will include numerous facilities for children, such as activity rooms, sports areas, a conservatory, a cat room, a mini zoo, and more. The residential area for pensioners will have all the necessary amenities and necessary additional services. The entire grounds and buildings are designed with inclusiveness in mind.

Healthy communication. Communication between children of different ages and status will allow them to enjoy better communication and not withdraw into themselves. Communication between children and pensioners will be an innovation. Also, all those willing will be able to communicate with animals, which is known to have a positive effect on the psychological state of people.

A modern school will be located on the territory, which, in addition to innovative principles of education, will unite children from boarding schools, social housing (families that suffered significant losses in the war) and children from other families. Various educational and entertainment events will take place in the auditorium of the multifunctional shelter and in the outdoor amphitheater.

Psychological health. In addition to communication and comfortable accommodation, comfort will be created by:

- Ecofarm - growing healthy food. Educational programs for children and possibly work for pensioners will be organized here.

– Production of handmade items (separate building with all the necessary equipment), where all residents will be able to create for their own realization, and master classes will also be held. Some of the items will be sold in a charity shop.

– A sports complex with an indoor gym and swimming pool, an outdoor soccer field and several indoor sports fields.

- A public charity shop selling handmade products and eco-friendly products.

– Indoor and outdoor shelter for pets.

– Natural areas – a winter garden, quiet recreation areas and playgrounds for children of all ages

"Some elements of social infrastructure are weakly developed in Ukraine, for example, boarding schools, homes for the elderly and the system of raising children in general. At present, people from vulnerable sectors of the population are in dire need of support. We have deliberately emphasized the psychological and emotional aspects of human existence because, in our opinion, they are undervalued.

We expect that the use of innovative construction technologies, including solar energy, will make this building an ecological and the first social building in Ukraine that will receive the LEED certificate," says the project's architect Kateryna Rozit.