The Zaporizhzhia company has shown what the "people's electric car" will look like with quick battery replacement

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"Infocom LTD", which is engaged in automation and development of unmanned robotic platforms, together with the charging station manufacturer UGV Chargers presented the concept of a new "people's car".

It will have the ability to quickly replace batteries through removable cases, official sites of both clubs report in the company The photo shows an A-class car with batteries in its trunk. A battery changing station is installed near it.

Judging by the images, the electric car will have a futuristic design that resembles unmanned shuttles. A panel with batteries is installed in the luggage compartment, which can be quickly removed and replaced with already charged cases.

This is what a domestic electric car with fast battery replacement will look like. Visualization:

It is worth noting that similar developments have already appeared on the automotive market, in particular at the Renault company. However, the most widespread are still electric cars, in which the batteries are permanently fixed in the car and are charged from an external source.



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