The developer wants to demolish the Holosiivsk water tower for the sake of a new residential complex

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The day before, a fence appeared close to Holosiivsky Park, behind which they are trying to resume the construction of two residential multi-storey buildings.

The developer company "Holosiivski Vezhi" informed local residents that the water tower will be demolished as part of the project, as it "is in an emergency condition". write Map of Renovation.

The Holosiiv water tower is under threat of being dismantled. Photo:

According information from the State Register, in 2020 the tower was owned by the state, in particular the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, and its balance-keeper was the National University of Bioresources and Nature Management. Currently, there is no information about the new owner in the register.

Meanwhile, Mykhailo Makarenko from Kyiv thethat the construction contractor is City Building. They stated that the Kyiv City Council issued a permit for construction work, and in addition, changed the purpose of the site. We talked about this in more detail in the material:

The developer drove a truck with the numbers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to erect skyscrapers close to Holosiivskyi Park

It is worth noting that the building was erected in 1995 under the leadership of the design institute "Kyivprojekt". It is not the only one in the capital - there is a similar tower on VDNG, which has the status of a monument of architecture and urban planning of local importance. Currently, both buildings are in a derelict state. 

"The Holosiiv water tower is a valuable example of industrial architecture of the middle of the XNUMXth century. Holosiivska tower could become a new point of attraction for the Kyiv community and tourists. Observation platform, space for exhibitions and installations – its cylindrical volume can be used in different ways; the main thing is to have a desire", - emphasized in the Renovation Map. 

Holosiivsk water tower. Photo: Map of Renovation

In addition to the preservation of the historical building, there are other reasons for banning the development of this plot, says Mykhailo Makarenko. In particular, the residential complex project is implemented in violation of environmental legislation, according to which the construction of residential buildings is allowed provided they are located at a distance of at least 50 meters from park areas. 

"It is not possible to build residential complexes closer than 50 meters from the Holosiivskyi NPP, and here the distance is less than 20 m. In addition, there are large cracks in the neighboring houses, and the foundation of house No. 9 is damaged and was recently repaired, but the problem has not been completely solved. Construction may damage neighboring houses.

The site has complex geological conditions, close groundwater and seepage. It is very risky and expensive to build here, the cost of the works can increase several times", Mykhailo Makarenko noted.



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