All Russian-made carriages will be removed from the Kyiv metro. There are more than 700 of them

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Kyiv Metro became a member of the International Association of Public Transport, which has about 2000 members from 100 countries.

About this reports Said Natalka Makogon, Deputy Head of the Metropolitan Metro.

Membership in this organization will allow to activate the process of modernization of underground transport. In particular, we are talking about the replacement of Russian-made wagons.

In total, 821 carriages are currently in operation in the capital metro, 726 of which were manufactured at Russian factories in different years. As part of the modernization, they will be replaced by modern European-made wagons that meet all international standards. 

This is the appearance of wagons produced at the domestic Kryukiv Wagon Building Plant. Photo:

"Before the war, the city prepared a project together with the EBRD for the purchase of 50 new wagons. The project was being prepared with the European Investment Bank for the purchase of rolling stock. 

Both involved working with European manufacturers according to modern standards. They will be continued and implemented by the city - step by step until complete completion," - told Natalka Makogon to Segodnya.

She noted that due to the war, it is not yet known for certain when this set of measures will be started, but the negotiation process with European partners continues.

By the way, the Kyiv subway currently has 135 modern cars that were modernized as part of the Kyoto Protocol at the Kryukiv Carriage Plant.



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