The arrest was lifted from the "Dniester" hotels, which allegedly belong to the Russians

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The Lviv Court of Appeal overturned the decision of the investigating judge to seize hotel property and rejected the request of the prosecutor's office due to a lack of evidence.

According to the court decision, the information about the involvement of citizens of the Russian Federation in the Kyiv and Lviv institutions is not confirmed by any official sources, and the arrest imposed on these institutions the day before was "substantiated by information from online media". write Your City 

The institution emphasized that these materials are interpreted as assumptions of their authors, without confirmation by direct evidence. Instead, according to the decision of the appeals court, the shareholders of the hotels "Dniester" and "Lybid" are citizens of the European Union, the FINANCIERE group of companies.

Decision of the Lviv Court of Appeal. Source: Apostrophe

The cancellation of the previous decision is based on the fact that these companies publicly and unconditionally condemn the military aggression of the Russian Federation, which began in 2014 in violation of all applicable principles of international law and values ​​of the democratic world.

At the same time, in the comment Your city, the representative of the Lviv regional prosecutor's office stated that this decision is rather strange, since the prosecutors have gathered all the materials that confirm the connections of the "Dniester" hotel with citizens or companies of the Russian Federation. Currently, the department is waiting for the full text of the resolution and emphasizes that the pre-trial investigation in the criminal proceedings will continue.

We remind you that the Lviv and Kyiv hotels "Dniester" arrested at the end of August 2022. According to Tvoye Misto, in August 2020, the Antimonopoly Committee gave permission for the tourist and hotel complex to be purchased by the Cypriot company Pumori Enterprises Investments Ltd. She is associated with the VS Energy group of Russian Federation Council member Oleksandr Babakov and Russian businessmen Yevhen Giner, Mykhailo Voevodin and Serhiy Shapovalov. 



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