Issuance of certificates to architects is in jeopardy: NSAU sounds the alarm

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After the National Union of Architects of Ukraine analyzed the text of the more than three-hundred-page scandalous draft law No. 5655, and was able to convey the risks to society, explaining the "stitched" schemes and talking about the dangers of such decisions, the union began to be under pressure, criminal proceedings and court proceedings. In addition, NSAU deprived the right to issue certificates to architects, which jeopardizes the certification of specialists. 

This was discussed during the press conference "Why does the war with architects put an end to the reconstruction of the country?" September 25 at the "Interfax-Ukraine" information agency.

President of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine Oleksandr Chyzhevskyi and deputy head of the Architectural Chamber of NSAU Anna Kyriy. Photo courtesy of NSAU

In particular Anna Kyriy, deputy head of the Architectural Chamber of NSAU, emphasized that NSAU has been issuing certificates since 2012, and now this is under threat, because the Ministry (former Ministry of Regional Development, now - Ministry of Infrastructure) deprived NSAU of such powers.

"A self-governing organization will not be able to answer to society for the activities of architects. This responsibility has been curtailed even before, because NSAU could issue certificates and keep registers, but it never had the authority to revoke certificates. And these are important elements of responsibility to society. The self-realization and independence of the architectural community is destroyed due to the deprivation of the right to issue certificates, keep registers and, accordingly, bear responsibility. When the higher education institutions conducted the courses, and the Ministry issued the certificate, who will be responsible for the actions of the representatives of the architectural workshop - the Minister? It's absurd." - says Kiriy. 

President of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine Oleksandr Chyzhevskyi and deputy head of the Architectural Chamber of NSAU Anna Kyriy. Photo courtesy of NSAU

The architect gave an example of European countries where certification of architects is the exclusive prerogative of academies/institutes/associations/chambers/communities of architects (France, Spain, Germany, etc.).

Great Britain has different practices (due to a different system of law and strong traditions): in 1997 it was adopted "Architects Act", according to which the British Parliament created a state institution Architects Registration Board, which certifies architects. But the community of architects, which in Great Britain was formed in USURY, granted the right to validate architectural higher education institutions. Thus, a permanent quality system is established.  

"At the same time, there are influential representatives of the authorities in Ukraine who are deliberately waging war against architects and our professional organizations. This war has been going on for more than a year, is entering a critical phase and may lead to irreversible consequences for Ukrainian cities. These actions are very damaging to the international reputation of our state. For our principled stand against the provisions of 5655, we receive pressure, criminal proceedings and court proceedings. The criminal case against the President of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine is a shame and dishonor at the international level, which all partners clearly see", - emphasizes Kiriy.

The President of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine, Oleksandr Chyzhevskyi, in his turn noted that For many years NSAU has studied the foreign experience of professional attestation of architects. According to the recommendations of the President of the International Union of Architects, Albert Dupler, an association of certified architects - the Chamber of Architects - was created in the National Union of Certified Architects. The joint organizational structure contributes to the implementation of the most important component - the formation of the union as a center of professional and, most importantly, practical knowledge.

President of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine Oleksandr Chyzhevskyi. Photo courtesy of NSAU

"We consider an architect certified by us - a responsible executor of works (this definition is written in the law) related to the creation of architectural objects as a person who has mastered the entire spectrum of regulatory and legal support in his field and, most importantly, knows how to apply these knowledge in practice.

Safety regulations of the construction industry are written in blood. Their competent use is a safeguard against misfortunes and troubles during the creation and use of architectural objects. 

Today, thanks to Ms. Kozlovska's efforts, the Ministry has transferred the right to conduct advanced training courses in universities, in particular, in Kyiv, Lviv, and Kharkiv. It did not work for our European colleagues. It won't work for us either. The formal approach and low quality of these courses are already noticeable," Chizhevsky emphasizes. 

He added that universities only conduct courses, but do not have the right to enter data about architects into the electronic system. The Ministry, under the auspices of "destruction of the monopoly", took this right exclusively for itself, and the architects became completely dependent on the Ministry.

"NSAU has always stood and will stand on state principles and interests. We do and will do everything for cooperation. But now the authorities are punishing us for our position against the provisions of 5655. But we stood and will stand our position and call on all forces to throw at the Urban Development Code, and to consider bill 5655 dead." - Chizhevsky emphasized.



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