Volunteers renovated a dormitory in Lviv for the families of Rubizhan hosiery factory workers

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The city provided the premises of the building for temporary use by the families of relocated workers of the enterprise.

About this reports they tell on the website of the Lviv City Council.

"Renovation of the dormitory rooms of the ATB MVPU in Lviv, where the families of employees of the relocated enterprise "Rubizhanska panchishna manufactura" will live, is being completed," the LMR Investments and Projects Department reports.

Works in the building at the address of st. Pulyuya, 28 was successfully implemented by the joint efforts of volunteers of the public organization "Building Ukraine Together - BUR".

Image: Invest in Lviv / Facebook.com

Image: Invest in Lviv / Facebook.com

Image: Invest in Lviv / Facebook.com

In particular, the rooms were overhauled, windows, doors, engineering and technical equipment of the premises were replaced, and bathrooms were equipped.

It is known that the next phase of creating a functional living space in the basement is also planned. The design concept and functional zoning of the premises were agreed together with the employees of the Department of Architecture and Urbanism of the LMR.

By the way, in October, a hosiery factory from Rubizhny, which relocated to the city with the beginning of a full-scale invasion of Russia, became operational in Lviv.



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