From October 7, it is forbidden to turn on music in public transport

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From this day, Law 2310-IX comes into effect, according to which drivers of passenger transport must refuse acoustic accompaniment in the cabin during transportation. 

The restriction applies to buses, taxis and applies to both urban and suburban, long-distance and international routes, said in the text of the law.  

According to the new rules, the sounds of music and movies can only be broadcasted through individual headphones of passengers. The only exception allowed by the law is the announcement of information about the trip. There are rules for taxis that allow music to be turned on only with the consent of all passengers.

These rules will not only apply to drivers. If a person in the cabin is using a device that broadcasts sounds loudly, the carrier has the right to disembark the person who disturbs the silence.

If the driver violates the law, he may be subject to disciplinary punishment, and the company may be barred from tenders for transportation.


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