From October 29, the Eternal Flame will be extinguished in Kremenchuk

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Instead, they will install an LED installation.

About this to "Kremenchutskyi gazeta" said city ​​mayor Vitaly Maletskyi.

The official noted that the Eternal Flame will be disconnected from the gas pipe after October 28, because that is when the anniversary of the liberation of Ukraine from the Nazi occupiers is celebrated.

Then an LED installation will be installed there.

Instead, in Poltava, as the edition CONTENTS, the Eternal Flame will be left, because it is a "symbol of memory".

"Our grandfathers and great-grandfathers did so much for us in the then Great Patriotic War (The Second World War, - ed.), which was on the territory of the former Soviet Union, that we are obliged to find these funds so that the Eternal Flame is a permanent symbol of memory of those of our ancestors who won victory. Let it be with tears in the eyes, but this is a great holiday. As long as I am the mayor, the Eternal Flame will always be on the Glory Monument," said Poltava Mayor Oleksandr Mamai.



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