The cost of installing the trident on the shield of the Motherland will be 36 million hryvnias

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Dismantling the Soviet symbol and replacing it with a Ukrainian trident on the "Motherland-Motherland" monument will cost 36 million hryvnias.

About this reports write edition of Vechirnii Kyiv, referring to Oleksandr Shymanovskyi, Doctor of Technical Sciences.

It is noted that 2018 million hryvnias were planned to be spent on the works in 8, but now the amount has increased significantly.

"The cost of the production of project documentation for the repair of the crane and the replacement of the national symbols is UAH 2,5 million. Construction and installation works in general will cost approximately UAH 36 million," Shymanovsky emphasized.

Photo: Focus

It is currently unknown when the trident will be installed, but it may happen before Independence Day.

We will remind you that in July last year, the "Action" application took place poll  about the fate of the coat of arms of the USSR on the shield of the "Motherland-Motherland" monument. 85% of Ukrainians who participated in the survey voted for replacing the Soviet coat of arms with the Ukrainian trident.



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