Warsaw to hand over used tramcars to Konotop

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The vehicles will be redesigned to fit Ukrainian railroad gauges.

This was reported on the Transport Publiczny website.

As part of the humanitarian aid, Warsaw will provide Konotop with used 105Na trams that have been taken out of service thanks to new Hyundai deliveries. The cars will be reconstructed so that they can run on 1520 mm gauge.

The first cars were prepared for transportation with rail brakes and pantographs dismantled. On February 8, the mayor of Konotop inspected the railcars. The first tranche of 13 railcars is scheduled to be delivered in the second half of February. The vehicles will be adapted to the typical 1520 mm gauge in Konotop. 

At the same time, the mayor of the Ukrainian city thanked for the help and announced that a street in Konotop had been named in honor of the Polish capital.



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