In Estonia, they want to remove Soviet monuments "as soon as possible".

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In total, there may be up to 400 such facilities in the country. 

About this reports the Estonian Public Broadcasting Company with reference to the comments of the country's Prime Minister Kai Kallas. 

The official notes that the government has agreed that Soviet monuments, such as the tank in Narva, have no place on Estonian streets and should be removed immediately. More detailed terms depend on logistics. 

"The main thing has been decided - Soviet monuments must be removed from public space, and we will do it as soon as possible. The exact timing and order depends on the readiness and logistics plan of the local authorities, these logistics require the same attention, organization and participation from the private sector," Kallas said.

Those who have similar objects on private territories can remove them themselves. In total, there are 200 to 400 Soviet-era monuments in Estonia. 

"It is important to emphasize that the commemoration of the dead will not be prohibited in any way, but it should be done where it belongs, that is, in a cemetery, where it can be done with dignity... A tank is an instrument of murder, it is not a memorial object, and from these same tanks people are being killed on the streets of Ukraine," added the Prime Minister.


Main photo: a tank in Narva. Author: Jüri Nikolajev/ERR



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