In Amsterdam, you can get a tattoo with the artist's work in the Rembrandt Museum

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In the former house of Rembrandt in Amsterdam, you can get a tattoo based on a sketch of his works from June 19 to 25.

About this reports write The Guardian.

"The Amsterdam tattoo has become a form of pilgrimage. At first, people from abroad wanted three crosses, and then gradually they started asking for a small Rembrandt or the Rembrandt House, one of the most famous houses in Amsterdam," said tattoo artist Henk Schiffmacher.

His studio approached the Amsterdam museum with the idea of ​​joint work and met with an enthusiastic reception.

Image: Museum Rembrandthuis

It is noted that Rembrandt's technique in particular involves scratching copper with a dry sharp needle, so people's skin is ideal for tattooing these images, which are created using a similar technique.

The images that can be stuffed are inspired by engravings by Dutch masters of the 100th century. A tattoo will cost 250-XNUMX euros.

This is how the museum wants to attract a young audience after COVID-19. Tattoo artists will work in the art institution for a week, from June 19 to 25.



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