For the first time, under the co-financing program, plastic windows were replaced with wooden ones in a historic building in Lviv 

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The building at 5 Voronoy Street got a new look.

About this reports the Heritage Bureau. 

According to the program of co-financing of restoration of wooden windows and replacement of plastic windows with wooden ones, 60% of the cost of restoration works is covered by the city council, and 40% by the residents of the house. And, accordingly, replacing metal-plastic windows with wooden ones will cost each of the parties 50%. 

This is how the house looked before the windows were replaced. Photo: Heritage Bureau

The craftsmen started the replacement in January 2022 - for this, three windows and a balcony door were made based on other authentic samples from this house.

"Due to the replacement of windows with metal-plastic ones, with a different type of articulation, the appearance of the house is distorted, in addition, in old houses, the air circulation system is poor, due to which the rooms where such windows are installed are poorly ventilated. The main consequences of this are fungus and mold on the walls.

The program of replacement of windows from metal-plastic to wooden ones is designed to help residents restore wooden windows in their homes with the character of membership similar to the historical windows preserved on the facade", explained Pavlo Bogajchyk, director of the LKP "Heritage Bureau" of the Department of Historical Environment Protection.

The owners of the house submitted an application to replace the windows in 2020, however, the turn came only this year. Photo: Bureau of Heritage

Specialists began work even before the large-scale Russian invasion. Photo: Bureau of Heritage

To restore the house, three windows and balcony doors were made from other authentic examples from this house. Photo: Bureau of Heritage

50% of the cost of the works was covered by the city council, the rest - residents of the residential building. Photo: Bureau of Heritage

Every willing resident of Lviv can apply for participation in the co-financing program. Details are here.



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