As a result of the fire on Easter Island, the famous stone moai idols suffered significant damage

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Some statues are so charred that they cannot be restored.

The fire destroyed almost 60 hectares of the island, part of which is the territory near the Rano-Raraku volcano, which is included in the UNESCO world heritage. They suffered the most write BBC.

According to the deputy minister of cultural heritage of Chile, the fire damaged countless statues carved from stone - there were about a thousand of them here.

Fire on Easter Island. Photo: RAPA NUI MUNICIPALITY

The head of the national park, which takes care of the protected areas, Mau Henua, said that the consequences of this fire are irreversible - "they cannot be ignored."

Moai statues. Photo: news6h

It is worth noting that there are 887 stone moai statues on Easter Island. About 95% is created from local compressed volcanic ash. The figures were carved by the native inhabitants of Rapa Nui between 1400 and 1650.

Moai idols on average reach about four meters in height. The largest of them is 10 m tall and weighs about 74 tons.



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