In Lviv, unique art nouveau paintings were discovered in a landmark building: they will be restored with grant funds

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In Lviv, in the building-monument of architecture of local importance on the street. 19 Nechuya-Levytskogo, unique art nouveau paintings were discovered.

As the restorers explain, the ceiling depicts a flower arrangement that is not a stencil, but drawn by hand. The "Heritage Bureau" will offer to restore murals within the framework of a grant from the "Creative Europe" program, which is related to the popularization of the heritage of Art Nouveau buildings, the Lviv city council.

Photo: Andriy Andruh

"This is one of the best examples of entrance paintings in Lviv. Paintings are very valuable - this is the Secession of the XNUMXth century, one of the best styles in Lviv. It is the richest, the most unique, each of these elements is unique," said Iryna Girna, a restorer of monumental paintings.

Photo: Andriy Andruh

As the chairman of the "Nadia NL" condominium association Ihor Dichkovskii told, the house on the street Nechuya-Levytskogo, 19 is an architectural landmark of local importance. It was built by one of the well-known builders in Lviv - Yakub Rysiak.

Photo: Andriy Andruh

His wife Helena Rysiak bought land for construction, and he built it. So, in May 1906, she submitted documents for construction. The documents bear the stamp of the magistrate of the royal capital of the city of Lviv. In August 1907, the building was commissioned.



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