A Ukrainian architect went on a bicycle trip to raise funds for housing for displaced people

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In 10 days, Vladyslav Gubriy covered a distance of 1000 kilometers.

The main goal of the initiative has become financial assistance for project implementation Slavy Balbek is about transit housing with comfortable conditions for those who have lost their homes. For this, the volunteer set the goal of collecting one million hryvnias.

Transit housing RE:Ukraine, designed by Slava Balbek and his team. Visualization: balbek bureau

Vladyslav's route passed through eight cities and over a hundred settlements. For their part, those who cared supported the architect with their donations. According to Vladyslav, fundraising in this way had another advantage - getting to know local features. It was this idea that preceded the idea. 

"On the way, I passed many interesting villages and talked with the locals, and even stayed overnight in a men's rock monastery, where I was placed in a separate cell." Photo: Vladyslav Gubriy

"All these months I tried to actively volunteer, and in July I applied for an initiative called "Open Villages", in which participants explore the topic of modern villages, after which they implement their urban projects for their development.

This is where everything came together, and I decided to go on such a trip to better research this topic and do it on a bicycle, as I had dreamed of it for a long time. Then I thought about making the trip even more useful and trying to raise funds for the reconstruction of housing for people who lost it," says Vladyslav Gubriy.

Vladyslav's route stretched through Kyiv, the village of Pyatigory, Uman, Nemyrov, Mohyliv-Podilskyi, village. Lyadove, Yampil, Vinnytsia and Zhytomyr. Photo: Vladyslav Gubriy

According to him, RE:Ukraine turned out to be the best project offering temporary housing, so he directed the money collected to it. 

"I decided to collect funds for the implementation of the project from Slava Balbek's bureau, because there was trust in him and his team that they would see things through and do everything well and for the people. It is like a "people's map" in the sphere of community life and the reconstruction of Ukraine," says the architect.

Slava Balbek announced the construction of a pilot modular settlement RE:Ukraine

Peculiarities of localities encountered along the way. Photo: Vladyslav Gubriy

Peculiarities of localities encountered along the way. Photo: Vladyslav Gubriy

Currently, the volunteer has already finished his trip and was able to collect about 35 thousand hryvnias to bring the transit housing project of Slava Balbek closer to its realization. 



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