Ukraine nationalizes property of Russia and Belarus worth almost UAH 500 million

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Ukraine has nationalized property worth over UAH 468 million, the ultimate beneficiaries of which are residents of Russia and Belarus, and has stopped the activities of companies engaged in illegal trade with these countries.

This is what is reported by the Bureau of Economic Security of Ukraine.

As a result, 450 tank cars and 7 freight vehicles have already been transferred to the country.

In addition, the issue of seizing another 1,552 railcars that have already been recognized as material evidence will be raised in the near future. 

In particular, 49 alumina railcars belonging to the Mykolaiv Alumina Plant and destined for Russia have already been stopped. Their inventory is currently being assessed.

The day before, the Latvian government froze Russian real estate worth more than €100 million and said it would continue to work on this.



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