They want to create a museum of architecture with a rehabilitation center for military personnel in the Dmitriev manor

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Activists fought for the return and preservation of the architectural monument for six years.

The corresponding petition on February 8 registered Dmytro Perov, urban planner and co-founder of the "Tsegla" space.

"Dmitriev's estate is a unique complex of historical and architectural monuments in the heart of ancient Podol... Dmitriev was one of the first Kyiv merchants to approach the issue of fitting a new building into the stable architectural landscape of the area. Thanks to this, now within the borders of the merchant's estate, located at the address: Khoryva, 2, we can observe architectural creations characteristic of different periods of the development of the architecture of Podol - from 1830 to 1910. The authors of some architectural monuments on the territory of the estate were the well-known metropolitan architects Oleksandr Kryvosheev and Volodymyr Nikolaev," the activist says.

Dmitriev's estate. Complex of 5 buildings. Image: Renovation map

Dmytro Perov recalled that in 2010 the Konvaliya-Nerukhomist LLC concluded an investment contract for the restoration of the monument complex. However, since then, it has not started work, leaving part of the monuments without a roof. Due to the deliberate destruction of cultural heritage objects and non-fulfillment of the terms of the investment agreement, the Dmitriev estate was returned to the municipal property of Kyiv. The struggle to preserve the unique complex has been going on for the past 6 years. 

In a few days, the petition managed to collect almost 400 signatures out of the 6000 required.

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Main image: Renovation map



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