In the desert of Utah, traces of ancient people were discovered - they can be seen only after the rain

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The footprints are about 10 thousand years old. 

About the fact that a group of archaeologists led by researcher Thomas Urban found ancient traces, the Science Times edition. Scientists attribute the prints to the time of the last ice age.

What was discovered was called "ghost tracks" because of the composition of the local soil, which makes them visible only after rain. When the earth dries up, the traces disappear. By the way, the discovery was made by accident: a team of archaeologists was just on their way to another place where they were excavating. 

At first, the researchers saw only a few tracks, so they decided to use a special ground-penetrating radar, thanks to which a total of 88 such samples were detected. Thomas Urban notes that there could be many more archeological sites and landmarks in Utah that could be captured using such a device. 

"Ghost Trails" is for adults and children aged five and over. According to scientists, they were left between 12 and 10 thousand years ago.

Anya Kitterman, manager of cultural resources at the US air base, where the specialists work, said that the find is a "once-in-a-lifetime discovery" and that it was possible to discover more than scientists initially expected.

Currently, the team continues to analyze the traces so that find out their exact age. For this purpose, they seek to investigate small organic particles that could have remained in the footprints. 


Main photo: Pixabay / Erdenebayar



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