In Poltava, they will "modernize" the bus station, on the facade of which there used to be a Soviet panel

In Poltava, the bus station will be renovated, where the Soviet panel with the image of the "blooming deer" of Ukraine was previously dismantled.

About this reports the The Village Ukraine.

The publication refers to the head of "Poltavavtotrans" Serhiy Butko, who notes that the bus station should be modernized in order to get rid of "Sovietism". The project is being developed by Ukrbuildinvest LLC. The bus station and the surrounding areas will be reconstructed in three stages.

Image: Ukrbuildinvest LLC

First, the old asphalt and pavement tiles will be replaced, the lawn will be renewed and the facade of the bus station will be illuminated. At the second stage, the facade will be reconstructed. The premises will also be updated inside.

Photo: "Poltava wave"

Oversized doors for people with disabilities, a ramp, rooms for mothers and children have already been installed at the bus station, and the reconstruction of the public toilet has been completed. In addition, the water supply system is being reconstructed in the room.

Photo: The Village, a panel on the facade of the bus station

The panel was removed from the facade in the summer of last year. The pattern was dismantled without consulting specialists, but with the consent of the head of "Poltavaavtotrans" Serhiy Butko. In his opinion, this drawing was "a relic of Soviet times, which is not relevant now."

Poltava Central Bus Station was built in 1988 according to the project of Ukrainian architect Valentina Bogachenko.



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