In the Podilsky district of Kyiv, three more houses damaged by Russian shelling were repaired

In the Podilsky district of Kyiv, three more residential buildings damaged by Russian shelling were repaired.

According to the the press service of the mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klychka, restoration works have already been completed in the house on Svobody Avenue and two houses on Mezhova Street in the Podilsky District.

These 5-story buildings built in the 1960s were damaged at the same time. In March of last year, as a result of shelling by the Russians, a rocket exploded a few meters from the buildings. The blast wave and debris knocked out the windows and balcony door blocks, the entrance doors to the entrances. Internal communication systems, roof structures and roofing were destroyed. Cracks appeared on stairwells and partitions, panel joints, at the corners of buildings inside. Today, the houses are completely renovated, they also have a modern insulated facade, the vast majority of apartments have undergone emergency repairs.

Photo: KMDA

The mayor of Kyiv also checked how the restoration of two high-rise buildings on Hlybochytskaya Street in Shevchenkivskyi district is proceeding. One residential building was hit by a Russian rocket in the spring of last year, in the neighboring one in the summer.

Construction workers at these facilities are working hard to complete the restoration work by mid-July this year.

Photo: KMDA

Photo: KMDA

Also, the other day, another high-rise building in the Svyatoshyn district was added to the damaged area, which was hit by fragments of a Russian drone. The city will also promptly restore this building.

In total, almost 700 buildings - infrastructural, social objects and residential buildings - were damaged by rocket attacks in Kyiv. They suffered damage of varying degrees.

The capital allocated more than 600 million hryvnias from the reserve fund of the city budget for restoration works. Another 200 million was allocated by the government.



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