In Panama, a houseboat worth $1,5 million went under water immediately after launching

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Panamanian technology company Ocean Builders created the futuristic SeaPod structure, which was supposed to be the first residential structure that produces renewable energy on water.

However, during the opening ceremony in front of an audience that included the country's president, Laurentino Cortiso, the SeaPod began to sink as soon as it left the pier, write ATI.

The architectural object was created according to the project of the Dutch architect Cohen Olthuis. Its launch was supposed to be the first step towards populating the World Ocean and turning its waters into an "ecological paradise." 

SeaPod technology provides complete autonomy. The construction is kept afloat by underwater pipes filled with 48 m³ of air. Part of the SeaPod intentionally remains submerged to create a unique marine ecosystem.

This is what SeaPod looks like. Visualization: Cohen Olthuis

The area of ​​the living space is 77 m². It has a bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, storage space and even a landing pad for delivery drones.

After an investigation into the sinking of the SeaPod, Ocean Builders said the accident was caused by a pump failure in the bilge, causing the steel props to become unbalanced with air. 



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