Historical doors with faceted glass were restored in Lviv

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This time, the restorers returned the authentic look to the interior wooden doors in the building at Stetska Street, 8.

In the process of restoration work, the curtains were replaced and the coating of the historic gate was cleaned from layers of dark brown paint and the original was returned - with the manifestation of the natural texture of the wood. official sites of both clubs report in the Heritage Bureau. 

"The faceted glass was preserved and did not need to be replaced. The decoration of the door is carved jambs framing the panes. Some of them were not preserved and were restored by master restorers according to the model of the preserved ones," said the architect of the Bureau of Heritage, Yaryna Onufriv.

Restoration of the doors involved returning them to their authentic appearance. Photo: Heritage Bureau

Restoration work began even before the full-scale Russian invasion. Their cost is UAH 35. 

"The city paid 70% of this amount, so the residents had to add almost UAH 10 to their contribution," said Pavlo Bogajchyk, director of the "Heritage Bureau" LKP. This is the second door that has been restored in this building - earlier the entrance gate was restored here. 

This is what the restored door looks like now. Photo: Heritage Bureau

It is worth noting that the restoration of the historical doors of Lviv is taking place within the framework of the co-financing program coordinated by the "Heritage Bureau" of the Department of Historical Environment Protection.



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