In Lviv, they want to nationalize the LAZ plant and turn it into an industrial park

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The mayor of the city, Andriy Sadovy, proposes to nationalize the complex of buildings of the Lviv Bus Plant, which has been owned by a citizen of the Russian Federation since the 1990s.

The proposal was already discussed at a meeting of the Presidium of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities, the Gardener on Facebook. 

After the transition to state ownership, the site of the plant is planned to be equipped with an industrial park where electric cars will be manufactured.

This is what the plant looks like now. Photo:

As the mayor of Lviv reported, they have already found Western investors who are ready to start the production of electric motors in this territory.

"This is a huge area close to the city center, which can be a base location for the production of electric cars. Lviv residents and Ukrainians who were forced to look for a new home can get a job here," he claims.

Sadovy stressed that the city council has already approved the road map, and currently they are waiting for the decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers and the National Security Council.

In addition, according to him, about 80 enterprises registered on the territory of Lviv are fully or partially owned by Russians. The same fate awaits them as LAZ.

"The recently adopted law on nationalization makes it possible to ensure that in Lviv and all other cities of Ukraine there is not even a small particle that could belong to the enemy... All information was transferred to the military administration," Sadovy summarized.



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