In Kyiv, they are demanding the return of a monument to Cossack officers instead of a cannon on Arsenalnaya

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It is about the Kochubey and Iskra monument, which was demolished in 1918.

The corresponding petition on February 1, 2023 registered Kostyantyn Dosychev on the website of the Kyiv City Council. 

"The pedestal on Arsenal Square was historically built to honor the memory of the Poltava Cossack elders - Ivan Iskra and Vasyl Kochubey, who were executed in 1708 with the consent of Peter I on the eve of the Battle of Poltava.

The Bolsheviks removed this monument, which reminded us of Ukrainian Cossack chivalry, and installed a cannon in its place as a symbol of terror and armed capture of Kyiv," the author of the petition explains.

The cannon that was installed on the site of the monument to Kochubey and Iskra. Photo: Radio Svoboda

The monument to the workers of the "Arsenal" plant was opened in 1923 in honor of the workers of the capital plant, who in October 1917 and January 1918 opposed the establishment of the power of the Central Rada. 

In 2019, the monument was decommunized - a new inscription on the pedestal informs that the monument is dedicated to the Ukrainian military who suppressed the Bolshevik rebellion at the Arsenal factory.


Main photo: Radio Liberty



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