In Kyiv, the parking space development program was approved: what will change

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The Kyiv City Council adopted a decision that will contribute to the relief of the street and road network and will provide for a set of actions aimed at increasing the level of parking services.

The changes will be introduced within the framework of the Kyiv Parking Space Development Program for 2023, official sites of both clubs report in the department.

According to this document, 2284 parking spaces will be equipped with check-in pockets in the Ukrainian capital and video surveillance systems will be installed to prevent parking on sidewalks and non-payment for services. 

They also promise to respond to the shortage and surplus of parking spaces thanks to the monitoring of parking lots.

Arrangements are being made in Kyiv 2284 parking spaces with check-in pockets for unloading the street and road network. Photo: Michael Fousert/Unsplash

The Kyiv City Council claims that this complex of actions will help relieve the burden on the transport infrastructure, because the parking lots will be "with a convenient connection to public transport."

KP "Kyivtransparkservice" will deal with the arrangement of designated parking lots. 

The parking space development program was created taking into account the Kyiv Development Strategy until 2025. The capital authorities expect that its implementation will improve the development of the city's parking space and contribute to increasing the revenue part of its budget.


Main photo by John Matychuk / Unsplash



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