Two new landscape reserves are planned to be created in Kyiv

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In particular, the status of nature conservation landscape zone is planned to be assigned to Lake Losine in the Desnyan district in the near future.

The area of ​​the protected area of ​​local importance will be 1,1 hectares. Now the decision has already been approved by the Kyiv City Council, official sites of both clubs report in the department. This will preserve the natural diversity of the green zone, as well as prevent possible construction.

"The designed territory of the reserve has great recreational, climatic and aesthetic significance. Among the aquatic vegetation, there is the smallest flowering plant of Ukraine - rootless Wolfia, and there are also groups of floating Salvinia, which are listed in the Green Book of Ukraine. 

Common reptiles include the bog turtle, which is protected under the Berne Convention. The status of a landscape reserve with clearly defined boundaries will allow to protect the territory from possible buildings and other unwanted interference," said Kyiv City Council member Denys Moskal.  

The territory of Lake Losine. Photo:

Also, the commission of the Kyiv City Council on environmental policy supported the intention to declare the natural area "Sovska Pronka" in the Solomyan district as a landscape reserve of local importance.

The nature protection status will extend to the territories located between Koloskova, Krutohirna, Signalna and Yabluneva streets, as well as Yabluneva lane. The estimated area of ​​the reserve is 10,31 hectares. 

"The Sovka River originates in the indicated area. It is necessary to prevent the development of the natural territory and to promote the improvement of the environment within the framework of the city's ecological strategy," says Deputy of the Kyiv City Council Volodymyr Kravets.

Reservoir in the Solomyan district. Photo: Evening Kyiv

It is worth noting that this area serves as a home for many species of birds that have settled on the local beams with streams, near the Owl Ponds. In addition, here you can come across red-listed hornbeam and snowdrop. 

Previously, they wanted to allocate this territory for the construction of the "Zhulyany" airport.



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