All trees will be digitized and put on an online map in Kyiv

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In this way, the Kyiv authorities seek to protect green spaces from illegal actions.

A virtual map will be created in Kyiv to display digitized information about each tree on the city's balance sheet.

About this was told Oleksandr Voznyi, head of the Department of Ecology and Natural Resources, in an interview with Evening Kyiv.

Chief ecologist of the capital Oleksandr Voznyi. Photo: Press service of the KCSA Ecology Department

Currently, Kyiv has a schematic map that shows only the boundaries of green areas, and the project to create a new map involves recording every single tree without exception.

"That is, we do not limit ourselves to parks and squares, but work with absolutely all trees on the city's balance sheet. On this map, you will be able to see where the tree is located (with reference to the exact coordinates), its condition, what manipulations were carried out with it, etc.", explained Oleksandr Voznyi.

When filling the online map, each object will be photographed with detailed information about what kind of tree it is, what it looks like, and what its parameters are.

All green spaces in Kyiv are assets of the territorial community, as they are purchased for the city budget. Photo:

According to Oleksandr Voznyi, a digital database containing all information about trees will help protect green spaces from unwanted impacts and illegal actions. 

"The system we are currently implementing will allow us to make a clear inventory and understand how many trees there are in Kyiv and what condition they are in. It is important that the system is being developed with protection against any attempts to interfere and "tweak" something. Let's say, to pretend that the tree has never been there," the ecologist emphasized.

It is known that work on the map began in the summer of 2021, and in November, work began on its content.


Main photo - Instagram/zaiarnyi_pasha



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