In Kyiv, protected trees over 100 years old were illegally crowned on Arsenalnaya

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Unknown persons cut the skeletal branches of the "Totleben Ash" botanical monument of local importance.

At the same time, the so-called "contractors" removed boundary signs indicating the object's security status, write journalist Mykhailo Pogrebskyi. 

"Totleben ash trees" are three protected trees located near the former Arsenal plant. Photo: Serhii Krynytsia

Since 2013, the ash trees have had a protected status as a botanical monument of local importance. Photo: Wikipedia

After publicity in social networks, the Department of Ecology and Natural Resources of the KMDA and KO "Kyivzelenbud" denied their involvement in crowning trees, although according to the testimony of passers-by, crowning was carried out by the structural division of Kyiv Green Building - KP UZN of the Pechersk District of Kyiv.

"Employees of the Pechersk KP UZN, as people said, not only cut the branches, but also knocked down the protective signs from the ash trees, which they took with them," reported the Kyiv Ecological and Cultural Center, which is entrusted with the protection obligations of "Totleben's Ashes."

After that, the workers collected the cut wood and dragged it into the building of the "Arsenal" plant.

Trees became like this after illegal crowning. Photo: KECC

"There is a gross violation of the Law on PZF and Art. 252 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Considerable damage was done to old trees. Any pruning of branches is a strong stress for an old tree, after which it can dry out. In addition, microbes will begin to settle in the places where the branches are cut, and the formation of hollows and rotting of the wood will begin," says the institution of the balancer. 

According to the director of the Kyiv Ecological and Cultural Center, Volodymyr Boreyk, this really looks like "the handwriting of the Kyiv KP UZN." A few years ago, employees of this enterprise were caught red-handed along with a tractor and a car on Lysia Gora, where they were conducting illegal tree harvesting, but then the violators were not punished.

The collected wood was moved to the entrance of the "Arsenal" plant. Photo: KECC

In this case, the Kyiv Ecological and Cultural Center plans to file a lawsuit. Volodymyr Boreyko emphasized that the relevant appeal has already been sent to the environmental prosecutor's office. 

It is worth noting that Totleben's ash trees are among the oldest in the capital - they are about 150 years old. Since 2013, the trees have the status of botanical natural monuments of local importance. 



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