Two new neighborhoods to be built in Kharkiv for those who lost their homes as a result of the war

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In particular, they will build new residential buildings, schools, and kindergartens.

This was reported by Mayor Igor Terekhov.

"We will build new houses, schools and kindergartens. We have a very hard job ahead of us, but we will manage. We will not delay the dismantling of damaged buildings. But we have to go through all the procedural aspects. I really want it to happen in the spring," the mayor said.

The total area of the neighborhoods will be 700 hectares. One will be located near Barabashovo metro station and the other on undeveloped land plots in Northern Saltovka.

Kharkiv: the heart of reinforced concrete

Igor Terekhov reminded that 500 buildings in the city are not subject to reconstruction. The buildings destroyed by shelling will be dismantled as soon as all necessary procedures are completed.



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