In Finland, they got rid of the last monument to Lenin

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"Leninopad" in the country ends with the dismantling of the monument to the Bolshevik leader in the city of Kotka.

After the demolition, the sculpture was sent to the Kyumenlaakso Museum for storage. Currently, the management of the institution is studying the issue of its future fate, write Yle.

The monument was located practically in the center of Kotka. It was created by order of the Estonian sculptor Matti Varik, after which in 1979 the monument was given to the Finnish city as a gift by Tallinn, which was still a part of the USSR at that time. 

The last Lenin monument in Kotka. Photo source: Espresso

The sculpture in Kotka was the last monument to the Soviet leader in Finland. Despite this, memorial plaques and bas-reliefs dedicated to Lenin can still be seen in some localities.



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