In Buchi, the ruins of destroyed houses are being cleaned up and the garbage dump is being liquidated at the expense of Japan

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The project is being implemented at the expense of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) for emergency recovery.

About this reports the KP "Buchaservice".

"In the Buchansk community, the demolition of destroyed private houses has begun. And soon they plan to liquidate the spontaneous landfill on the street. Deputatskaya in Bucha, which was formed after the deoccupation. Thanks to the UNDP project, almost 30 houses that were destroyed by the Russians last spring will be dismantled in the near future," the post says.

KP "Buchaservice"

The contractor organization "Energy and Road Management" LLC is involved in the execution of the works. Before the start of dismantling, specialists conduct an examination of the territory for explosive objects. Also, buildings are completely disconnected from utility networks.



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