Turkish developers are creating roof tiles in which birds can settle

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The idea of ​​integrating birds into the urban space arose back in 2013, but it is only now starting to gain popularity in the European market.

In order to provide a comfortable environment, and at the same time prevent the decrease of the bird population, the Turkish company Hitit Terra engages in production roof tiles, which serve as homes for birds.

According to the founders of the company, they were inspired by the design of similar structures in social networks, but the cost of the products seemed too high to entrepreneurs, so they decided to make this solution more accessible to ordinary people.

Hitit Terra has been making birdhouses since 2019. Photo: Hitit Terra

Probably, the company Hitit Terra had in mind the development of the Klaas Kuiken design agency, which, in cooperation with the local bird protection organization Vogelbescherming Nederland, constructed the first mini-tile houses. 

Dual-use tile from Klaas Kuiken. Photo: Klaas Kuiken

Klaas Kuiken attached a carefully designed nesting basket inside, made of wood and a special mesh that restricts access to other parts of the roof. The design provides good ventilation and self-cleans the nest. 

A clay structure can last more than 100 years. Photo: Klaas Kuiken

The process of installing birdhouses is no different from installing ordinary tiles. Photo: Klaas Kuiken

Due to the structural features of clay, such roof elements can last for more than a hundred years. Birdhouse tiles help the roof withstand harsh weather conditions, protect against hail and fire, unlike ordinary bird nests.

The number of such birdhouses on the roof can be unlimited, and the process of its installation is no different from the installation of ordinary tiles.

This is what the Birdhouse from the Turkish company Hitit Terra looks like. Photo: Hitit Terra

Nowadays, these mini-habitats for birds are scattered all over Turkey and are starting to gain popularity in Europe. Photo: Hitit Terra

Constructions of the Hitit Terra company work according to a similar principle. Their products have been tested by the Turkish nature protection organization Afyon and five regional national park offices and meet all the necessary requirements. They currently produce 4-5 different types of tiles that work well for different types of birds.



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