"Melting ice cream, melting classicism architecture." A gelateria created by Sivak+Partners project was opened in Odesa

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Gelateria "TAYA" with a characteristic design was opened in Odesa at 5 Pushkinska Street. Before the full-scale invasion, the institution worked for several weeks - with the start of active shelling, it had to be closed, and the windows boarded up. Now it has been put back into operation.

"TAYU" is a cafe where the menu only has juices and ice cream, which, by the way, is made exclusively from vegetable milk. And the interiors of the room, developed by the Sivak+Partners design studio, refer to the name of the establishment - thanks to the play of light, the metal walls create a smooth melting effect. The team calls it a "metal wave".

Interior of cafe "TAYU". Photo: Yevhen Kariev

"Metal waves". Photo: Yevhen Kariev

"The name of the establishment and the ice cream itself gave us the idea. Melting ice cream, melting classicism architecture and its massive decorative ceiling flows into smooth curves of metal walls. While classical architecture obeys strict rules and rhythms, modern non-linear architecture and metamodernist design are devoid of rigid rules and are more daring in the use of materials and solutions," Sivak+Partners says.

They decided not to oversaturate the space with a lot of furniture. Photo: Yevhen Kariev

The architects decided not to overload the space, but to leave it "weightless" in order to maximize its perception. 

In the room, they decided to leave the original appearance of the historic ceiling with stucco. Photo: Yevhen Kariev

Since the gelateria is located in a historic building, Sivak+Partners wanted to preserve this context, so they decided to keep the ceiling with authentic stucco and make it a link between the modernity of the interior and the historicity of the building.

"The windows in the building did not open, and the large, beautifully decorated ceiling did not allow itself to be spoiled by the appearance of ventilation ducts. It would lose the elegance and sophistication of the design. Therefore, we placed the intake and exhaust holes behind the metal waves on the wall. Above, between the wall and the wave, there are grates, and they are not visible. Also, ventilation was carried out along the floor," the studio notes.

The floor was covered with microcement to shift the focus of the visitor's attention to the walls and ceiling.

Metal walls absorb violet light and disperse it throughout the space of the institution. Photo: Yevhen Kariev

According to Sivak+Partners, one of the main colors of the institution is purple. Due to the fact that it illuminates the logo, the metal walls absorb the light and the whole room changes its appearance.

Light installation at the entrance. The developers independently developed the design of the lamps. Photo: Yevhen Kariev

Design of front door handles. Photo: Yevhen Kariev

"We wanted people from the first steps to feel how they were captivated and smoothly carried by the new space, so we additionally made a light installation at the entrance to the institution. It captures a person from the street with its powerful effect," say the architects.



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