The court recognized the Dmitriev estate as a complex architectural monument

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Now the historical building will be under state protection. 

About this reports informed activist Dmytro Perov on his Facebook page. 

"The cassation administrative court as part of the Supreme Court recognized the Dmitriev manor as a complex architectural monument and canceled the decision of the OASK and the appeal on the deprivation of the protective status," the post says. 

Image: Map of Renovation

We will remind, in August, the Northern Commercial Court of Appeal did not support defenders of the historic building - then the complex of valuable buildings was returned to the owner, who wanted to build a shopping center there. Previously, the community, together with the Kyiv City Prosecutor's Office, won the first-instance court case and returned the complex of monuments at 2 Khoryv Street to the city. The court made such a decision due to violation of the property registration procedure and improper maintenance of monuments.

Image: Map of Renovation

However, the owner of the buildings, PP "Konvaliya-Nerukhomist", sent an appeal to the Northern Commercial Court of Appeal, which, as a conclusion, did not support the defenders of the architectural monument. 

Horyva Estate is a complex of 2014th century buildings located in Podil. Since XNUMX, the buildings have been included in the register of architectural monuments of local importance.



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