Court returns land of Troyeschynski Luhky reserve to Kyiv

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The Northern Commercial Court of Appeal upheld the department's complaint and returned 375 hectares of land in the Troyeschynsky Meadows reserve in the Desnianskyi district of Kyiv to the local community.

This was reported by Kyiv City Council member Ksenia Semenova.

Nova Ukraina LLC received the Troyeschynski Luki land for permanent use in 2020 without a decision of the Kyiv City Council. Now the court has canceled the registration. The decision is already in force.

"Now the Kyiv City Council itself must register this land plot for the community without waiting for the cassation. Otherwise, this scam will be repeated," added Semenova.

Screenshot: Ksenia Semenova

It should be noted that in 2020, Troyeschynsky Meadows was declared a landscape reserve of local importance by the Kyiv City Council. Later, Nova Ukraina appealed this decision to the Kyiv Commercial Court, as the developers tried to prove that the land transferred to the reserve had been previously allocated to them for development.

The reserve is home to Red Book species of plants, insects, animals and birds. According to MP Semenova, almost 400 hectares of this land are worth billions.



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