"Courage to be Ukraine". A new social campaign is spreading around the world

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Billboards about Ukrainian bravery have appeared on the streets of more than 15 countries.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation together with Banda Agency have launched a project dedicated to the strength of Ukraine's resistance to the Russian attack.

The team designed billboards, posters, merchandise, stickers, and logos, with the concept of courage as a new brand of Ukraine as a key element. The information campaign has now spread to more than 15 countries.


The project was created at the initiative of the Presidential Office. Photo: Banda Agency

In this way, the authors of the project want to support people who consciously stay in Ukraine despite the war, as well as to promote a positive image of the country internationally. 

A new advertising campaign reminds the world of the courage of the Ukrainian people. Photo: Banda Agency

Billboards are being installed in different cities. Photo: Banda Agency

The posters are based on photographs by Ukrainian photographers, including Max Levin, Oleksandr Meloyan, Yevhen Khoustov, Stas Yurchenko, and others. The logos on the photos are complemented by the trident as the main state symbol. 

The Presidential Office has launched an international advertising campaign dedicated to the courage of Ukrainians

Each photo depicts the Heroes and Heroines of today who risk their lives to protect the country and everyone who lives here. Photo: Banda Agency

The posters can now be seen in Poland, Germany, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, the UK, Canada, Spain, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Sweden, Switzerland, the USA, and Norway.

Ukrainians around the world are encouraged to support and develop the campaign by sharing the website, printing and attending rallies with posters, or posting them in their localities.

The day before, the team of the Ministry of Digital Transformation launched the world's first NFT war museum. The initiative raised over $600,000 to support Ukraine.



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