"Harms the environment". In Kyiv, they demand to stop mowing the grass 

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The authorities of the capital are once again being asked to arrange city meadows.

On the website of the Kyiv City Council appeared a petition with a corresponding demand. Its author, Serhiy Pryma, notes that requests to stop mowing grass due to damage to the environment have already been registered several times, but they were not given due attention.

"Therefore, it is a very big request that you look into this matter and make a logical decision that will not harm the environment, and will also free up a lot of money (since it is necessary to spend tax payers' money on fuel that is mercilessly burned by lawn mowers) and human resources for more important things for cities I ask everyone to join the petition as much as possible in order to improve the quality of life in our city," the explanation to the petition reads. 

Photo: Serhiy Prima

As of the morning of July 31, the petition gathered 525 votes out of 6 required. To support you can apply here.

By the way, earlier we told that on the plot in Vinnytsia urban meadows were planted. Now they are deciding whether to continue the experiment, because not all citizens have yet understood the benefits of the initiative and supported it.

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The main one is the city meadows in Ipswich, England. Photo source: Getty Images 



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