Russians attacked a Georgian bar on social media that does not allow supporters of Putin

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They began to downgrade Dedaena with made-up comments and threats.

About this reports the "European Truth" with reference to "Novosti-Gruzia".

In social networks, hundreds of Russians attack the Dedaena bar, which citizens from the terrorist country can enter only after condemning the Russian invasion and recognizing Crimea as Ukrainian. 

Also, the questionnaire that the visitor must fill out includes the following questions:

  • "I did not vote for Putin, he is a dictator."
  • "I condemn Russian aggression in Ukraine."
  • "Crimea, like other disputed territories, is Ukraine."
  • "Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali region are Georgia."
  • "20% of the territory of Georgia is occupied by Russia."
  • "Because of the invasion of the Russian Federation, every 12th resident of Georgia became a refugee."
  • "I like the phrases "Russian warship, go to x ...!" and "Glory to Ukraine!".

In case of refusal to pass the survey or denial of theses, those who want to enter the bar will not be served. 

Despite the fact that the initiative has been active for several months, the rating of the institution began to be deliberately lowered after the photo of the questionnaire was posted on the Russian Telegram channel. The public began to publish instructions on how and what kind of negative feedback to create. Some Rashists even declared "war" on Dedaena.

The institution commented on the situation as follows:

"They are trying to put pressure on us with low grades. We do not believe that the person who proudly wrote the letter Z on our wall escaped from Putin's regime... Self-proclaimed "good" Russians from "another Russia" demand to be greeted with a smile, they are annoyed by our "visa policy". Russians, you are not at home here, and you never will be. Soon we will all together celebrate the end of Russia's imperialist ideas."

As of August 5, it became known that Google had removed hundreds of negative reviews left by ravers and returned the bar to a rating of 4,8. About this the "News-Georgia" portal with reference to the institution's administration. The attack was stopped because citizens of Georgia and Ukrainians actively complained about the accounts of Russians who wrote false negatives. 

By the way, after the full-scale invasion of Russia on the territory of Ukraine, citizens of the Russian Federation began to enter Georgia en masse, due to which discussions and disputes are currently ongoing in the country. 



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