The works of the Panoptikum Collections team will be shown at the Collectible-2023 fair in Brussels

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The young Ukrainian studio Panoptikum Collections will make its debut at one of the most prestigious exhibitions of modern collection design. The works of Andriy Rudenko, Yuriy Zimenko and Valery Kuznetsov will be combined in the thematic exposition Metamorphoses ("Metamorphoses") for participation in the Collectible fair in Brussels on March 9-12, 2023.

The composition "Metamorphoses", which tells about childhood memories and fantasies of designers Andriy Rudenko, Valery Kuznetsov, Yuriy Zimenko, illustrates their transformation into emotional objects. The exposition tells about the imaginary, but friendly world of a child, when conventionally "all the closets were big and there was a lot of space in them."


Cupboard Bubbles by Andrii Rudenko 

Andriy Rudenko

Bubbles closet

Artist and designer Andrii Rudenko brings a sense of wonder to his works, filling everyday objects with a special meaning. At the exhibition, he presents the Bubbles cabinet, the creation of which Andriy was inspired by bubbles: soap bubbles that he launched with his daughter while walking through the squares of European cities, and imaginary ones that appear in the works of street artists in London and Glasgow.

To move away from the utilitarian nature of the wardrobe and fill Bubbles with emotions, the designer resorts to a game of shapes and colors. As a result, the game becomes a means of self-expression of the artist and the conceptual language of the object.


NUT coffee table by Yuriy Zimenko

Yuriy Zimenko

NUT table

Designer Yuriy Zimenko specializes in subject design as well as interior projects. The NUT coffee table, shaped like a huge nut, was conceived as an experiment in curvilinear forms. The decorator combined the flat rhythm of monochrome MDF layers with a curved volume.

"I like to create a sensual atmosphere with an exclusive design that takes into account architectural volumes and emphasizes the vibration of color at the same time." 


BUGS sideboard by Valery Kuznetsov

Valery Kuznetsov

BUGS cabinet

Designer Valery Kuznetsov is sure that there is no need to choose between decor and function. The author believes that the essence lies in the balance. Thus, using the example of the BUGS sideboard, the designer depicts how the appearance and ornamentation of the object challenges its practical nature. The author sees in this object the image of an insect, which may actually be an inhabitant of another planet or galaxy.

By the way, the drawing that imitates the pattern on the back of a beetle was made using the pyrography technique, one of the oldest Ukrainian techniques of applying images to wood by burning, which speaks of the artisanal essence of a modern object.   

  • The Collectible Fair will take place on March 9-12, 2023 in Brussels. The works of Ukrainian designers will be presented at stand B11.


Panoptikum Collections is a Ukrainian studio and workshop founded by Andrii Rudenko and Borys Pylypenko. For more than 10 years, they have shared a passion for craftsmanship, traditional and new materials, as well as the exquisite work of masters. Panoptikum Collections is a creative environment where designers and creators explore the interaction of incompatible objects and form a new joint harmony.

Collectible – the international fair of collectible design, which turned Brussels into a fashion capital experiencing a boom in design culture. Created in 2018 by Clely Debeau and Liv Weisberg, the exhibition has become an important platform to showcase experimental projects of the XNUMXst century, created in single copies and limited series.



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