Rebuild Ukraine Hackathon launches 3D_4bX competition for Ukrainian students to accelerate reconstruction

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Rebuild Ukraine Hackathon together with WZMH Architects and Sparkbird is launching a 3D_4bX competition for Ukrainian students to accelerate reconstruction.

Ukraine, striving for fast and efficient reconstruction, uses the most modern construction technologies, such as 3D printing.

Aiming at quick and effective reconstruction, Ukraine actively uses advanced construction technologies, including 3D printing. In an effort to speed up the reconstruction process, the country has every chance to become a world leader in the use of this technology to restore critical infrastructure facilities.

To this end, the Rebuild Ukraine Hackathon (an initiative launched by WZMH Architects, a leading Canadian architectural office) announced the launch of the 3D_4bX competition, specifically targeted at Ukrainian students of architecture and engineering majors. This competition aims to accelerate the rebuilding process by creating portable and efficient housing solutions using 3D printing technology. 

"Due to the significant destruction caused by the war, Ukraine is in dire need of reconstruction of residential buildings and infrastructure. WZMH believes in the potential of Ukrainian students to offer innovative technological solutions that will be a significant step on the way to the rapid recovery of the country," said Zenon Radevich, one of the directors of WZMH. 

Contestants will have the opportunity to design a residential building (a single-family home) that can be manufactured using 3D printing technology, as well as develop a 3D printing technology that can be easily transported and used around the world to build similar homes. The total prize pool for the 3D_4bX contest is $5 CAD and winners will be announced on December 000, 14. 

The 3D_4bX competition from Rebuild Ukraine Hackathon is this an important platform for students who want to demonstrate their knowledge in the field of 3D technologies and architectural innovations, joining the vital mission of rebuilding Ukraine. 

Additional information and registration of participants is available at the official website of the competition.  



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