The Shults Brewery was included in Kyiv's cultural heritage sites

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The buildings on the territory of the historical Kyiv brewery were not included in the list of objects of cultural heritage, but the brewery of Karl Schultz has historical and cultural value and is included in the list of objects of the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries that may be threatened with destruction or damage.

Director of the Department of Cultural Heritage Protection of the KMDA, Maryna Solovyova, signed an order to include the Shultz Family Brewery among the objects of cultural heritage of the city of Kyiv.

"In addition, now the historical building has the status of a newly discovered object of cultural heritage. Our work continues to save Kyiv's cultural heritage. Let's preserve our history", - the Solovyov.


Photo: from open sources

According to the director of the Department of Cultural Heritage Protection, the historical building on Demiivka, built in 1860-1890, is under threat of destruction.

Back in February 2023, construction workers began to dismantle the Carl Schulz brewery. However, the illegal actions were then stopped by the Kyiv City Prosecutor's Office. After all, construction must take place in accordance with the rules and all agreed documentation.

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