The projects of YOD Group and Balbek Bureau became finalists of the Hospitality Design Awards

The projects of the Ukrainian architectural studios YOD Group and Balbek Bureau entered the finals of the American Hospitality Design Awards on April 21.

The Hospitality Design Awards is an international award in the field of design that has been held for 19 years. The award was founded by a popular industry publication Hospitality Design Magazine. The jury of the award recognizes the greatest innovativeness, appropriateness, functional solutions and general aesthetics of the project. 

Among the finalists of this year's award in 23 categories, which include the design of hotels, restaurants, hybrid public spaces, as well as the visual identity of hospitality establishments, there were 3 projects from Ukrainian studios.

Restaurant Terra of the Emily Resort complex near Lviv

The YOD Group project competes in the Upscale Restaurant category. The interior of the Terra restaurant is defined by massive columns made of green glass bricks. The accent wall in the depth of the hall is decorated with copper-plated glass plates with imprints of local herbs.

Photo: Terra by YOD Group

Note that YOD Group received for this interior, the grand prix of the international Swiss competition LIV Hospitality Awards on April 14.

Photo: Terra by YOD Group

HAY Boutique Hotel and SPA by Edem Family in Bukovel 

Another project from the YOD Group from the Upscale Restaurant category. Organically integrated into the mountain landscape, the building is distinguished by its authentic Carpathian design. The concept of the hotel grew out of admiration for the luxurious nature of the Carpathians, in particular the local plants that decorate the terraces and balconies.

Photo: HAY Boutique Hotel by YOD Group

Photo: HAY Boutique Hotel by YOD Group

Restaurant "Beer space"  MOVA in Dnipro

The third nominee was the project from Balbek Bureau in the category Casual Restaurant. The new design of the facility was a rethinking of the industrial buildings of the 70s and 80s of the last century.  

Photo: Balbek Bureau

Photo: Balbek Bureau

The space of the establishment is multi-functional and divided into several zones: there is also a beer-making workshop, the work of which can be observed by visitors, and a children's area, and seating areas for guests.

Photo: Balbek Bureau

The winners will be awarded on June 6 in New York.



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