More than 3 kilometers of fabric sold: Ukrainian version of tartan has gained immense popularity

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Great Scot textile specialists have created a new tartan design called Ukraine Forever to support those affected by the war.

In a few weeks, the company accelerated production of the fabric due to high demand, writes France 24 magazine.

The Great Scot representative office notes that they wanted to come up with an "emotional" design that could demonstrate "unity and defiance," so they developed a tartan in the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

"We saw what was happening on the news and, like most people, we were shocked. Then we thought about what we could do to raise money and give it to charity. That's how we came up with the idea of creating a tartan," said Patrick Lewtas, Head of Operations at Great Scot.

It is now known that Great Scot used more than 3.2 kilometers of this fabric to make the popular tartan.

The Ukrainian version is most in demand among buyers from the United States and the Ukrainian diaspora. 

The company is donating part of the proceeds from the sale to support people affected by the war. The initiators' ultimate goal is to raise £50,000.

Production of Ukrainian tartan at a local factory. Photo: Andy Buchanan Digital/AFP

It's worth noting that tartan is a traditional Scottish ornament consisting of horizontal and vertical lines of different widths.

There are many variations of its design in red, blue, green, and black, but this is the first time a blue and yellow tartan dedicated to Ukraine has been registered.




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