Poland built the first 50 kilometers of the wall on the border with Belarus

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On the border between Poland and Belarus, more than fifty kilometers of fence have already been erected to prevent illegal crossings between the countries. Recently, the first damages were discovered on the five-meter structure from the Belarusian side.

About this reports the Polish edition of RMF24.

Unknown persons cut the metal fence, which created a gap 30 centimeters wide. This opened a passage for intruders across the dam. An attempt to undermine a metal wall was also discovered nearby.

It is noted that this is not an isolated case. Trenches under the fence were also discovered in other places, in particular, in the vicinity of Kuznytsia Bialystok. There, the underminings were much larger.

The concept of a metal structure on the border between Poland and Belarus. Visualization: Straz Graniczna

Polish border guards believe that this could have been done either by Belarusian "colleagues" or by migrants they were coordinating. 

They note that in the near future damage will be detected more easily, because in addition to the physical barrier, cameras and motion sensors will be installed here. 

It is worth noting that Poland decided to strengthen its borders with Belarus after the Lukashenka regime created an artificial migration crisis in the summer-autumn of 2021. 

The project involves the construction of about two hundred kilometers of five-meter metal wall. Its value is estimated at almost 400 thousand dollars. 



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