Poland completed the construction of a wall on the border with Belarus - video

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From now on, the border between Poland and Belarus will be fenced with a metal fence 5 meters high. 

About this reports reported in the Border Service of the country. 

"Five months of intensive activity, supervision and commissioning work were carried out by construction inspectors and employees of the Border Service. 5 kilometers, 186,25 thousand tons of steel. It will be safer that way," the department notes.

It is assumed that the engineering structure will also be equipped with an electronic barrier. In particular, work is currently underway to install motion sensors, video surveillance cameras and thermal imagers - there will be about 2,5 of them here. 

In addition, 24 holes for large animals, 140 holes for small animals, as well as culverts were provided in the fence itself.

We will remind that Poland decided to strengthen the borders with Belarus after the Lukashenka regime created an artificial migration crisis in the summer-autumn of 2021. The project involved the construction of a 5-meter metal structure with a length of about 186 km. The term of construction works lasted about five months. The cost of implementing the plan is estimated at almost 400 dollars.



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